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In the words of others...

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. 

-Colin Powell

Pia Marani

Global Public Relations and Media Specialist, Beckman Coulter, Inc.


“I have worked closely with Cristy – both on the same team and in supporting roles – for more than a year and she has proved time and again what a valuable asset she is. It is known that she takes pride in her work and delivers only quality work. As a member of the team that hired Cristy into Beckman Coulter, she continues to impress her colleagues and customers. She is an excellent writer and project manager, is willing to tackle any challenge and has a hawk-eye for proofreading. Cristy has been a fantastic asset to the teams she supports.”

Tona Cornelius

Trademark Paralegal, Beckman Coulter, Inc. 


"I have had the privilege to work with Cristy on targeted PR and Marketing projects for the past 7-8 months. Cristy is the go-to person in Marketing. She understands the projects given her and works with the team to accomplish the goal in an expedient manner, all while maintaining quality and professionalism. Plus, she was open to learning about trademarks from the legal point of view. Cristy has my highest recommendation.”

Michael Lewis-Keister

Chief Executive Officer, New Leaf Africa Managed directly

“Cristy has shown immense dedication and is truly an invaluable asset. She has an incredible drive and works promptly. She follows through on her commitments and knows how to prioritize her tasks. She takes direction very well, but also has a rare gift to understand exactly what you want without much direction being given. She has significantly helped the company and me. She is not only a diligent worker, but also a kind, trusting, and responsible young lady. She has a willingness to help people and that is a wonderful and rare quality. She is not one to stray away from problems. She is very professional and the best speller in our company. Her communications skills make her a highly respected professional. You would be lucky to have her as part of your team.”

John P McGrath

Corporate Vice President Quality, Regulatory, Clinical, Edwards Lifesciences

Managed indirectly

“Cristy is a fantastic person. She has great energy and works well in a fast paced environment. She quickly establishes strong relationships and understands how to interact effectively with different kinds of people. Cristy is a great communicator and puts people at easy right away making them feel part of the effort. Cristy has high ethical integrity and would be a great asset to any team or organization.”

Dr. Kirk Vonsternberg

Director of HBRT


“I have had the good fortune to work with and supervise Cristy for nearly three years. She is a full-time bilingual Research Associate on our National Institute on Drug Abuse funded study to test screening and brief motivational intervention for drugs in a trauma service. Cristy started with our Health Behavior Research and Training Institute as an undergraduate and from the very beginning of her employment she showed an enthusiasm and dedication to learning all she could about research and specifically about conducting clinical intervention trials in medical settings. She quickly became proficient in all aspects of the research for which she was assigned. Her current tasks include tracking and scheduling all of our study participants. Cristy has exhibited excellent organizational and logistical skills, as well as initiative as she developed procedures and data base systems that effectively and efficiently handle multifaceted staff and patient schedules. Cristy always exhibits enthusiasm and creativity in performing her work, even the tedious and mundane, and especially when difficult and challenging. Cristy always exhibits professionalism and respect when communicating with our study participants. I must add that Cristy is a delightful young woman, who is always upbeat. She works extremely well with our team and is well liked and respected by all. I highly recommend Cristy and know that she would be a valuable asset to any organization.”

Jade Jourdan

Digital Asset Manager, Edwards Lifesciences Colleague

“I am writing on behalf of Cristy Villarreal. It has been my great pleasure to know Cristy over the past year as a marketing/branding professional and as an extremely personable woman. In my experience, Cristy is dependable, discrete, likeable, loyal, honest, enthusiastic and realistic in her expectations. Cristy's excellent communication skills, positive outlook and pleasing personality enhance her natural leadership qualities. Cristy’s willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enable her to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping others solve difficult problems. I believe Cristy Villarreal to be an excellent candidate for any marketing related position and have no doubt she will prove a valuable asset to you and to your organization.”

Ric Kolibar

Senior Web Specialist, Edwards Lifesciences Colleague

“It was a pleasure to work together with Cristy Villarreal, who was an innovative professional. Strong co-worker. Cristy Villarreal definitely shines in a fast-paced environment. Experienced colleague. Independent expert. Always maintains very good relation with co-workers and clients.

Ana-Cristina Gonzalez

Director of Development, University Catholic Center Manager


“Cristy was a communications intern at the University Catholic Center when I was the development director there. She was in charge of the electronic newsletter, as well as creating on-line campaigns for special fundraising events. In order to create the newsletter, Cristy took the assigned theme for the month and came up with the interviews and stories that would be featured. Cristy had to interview people...listen to their story, while taking notes that captured what they were saying. The interviews happened face-to-face, over the phone, or over email. Cristy is very personable and all enjoyed talking to her or communicating with her over email. She is a great listener and tried to capture the emotions and time that the person was speaking about. Technology is also something that Cristy is very interested in. She would often reference her marketing classes and trends that she was learning about. Often times we would try to incorporate these trends into what we were doing in the development office. She did not shy away from any challenges that technology created, from learning a new electronic newsletter format to creating and converting image files to be used to advertise things. Cristy was a great asset to our development team and organization. She helped raise thousands and thousands of dollars through her work. She is easy to work with and very hard working. I would recommend Cristy for any job that requires professionalism, attention to detail, and innovation.”

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