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Cristy Villarreal Public Relations








Daily Newspaper:  Viva la Villa


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Let me help you make an impact.



5 seconds.

When you only have 5 seconds, you have to make an impact. 5 seconds before a reader flips the page to the next ad, 5 seconds before someone decides if your video is worth watching, 5 seconds before a potential lead decides if they will fill out your online form. Let's ensure we make a statement. A 5 second statement.


My leadership experience in communications, marketing and product management allows me to find opportunities to strategically elevate your brand. I am skilled in working with multiple brands, consumer segments, strategic planning and implementation. My ability to multi-task effectively allows me to achieve objectives in a timely manner while staying within budget.


As a clear and dynamic communicator, I can present marketing programs to diverse audiences and negotiate agreements with vendors. I am known for building strong relationships with internal and external partners. As a highly-motivated professional with exceptional writing, leadership and communications skills, I look for innovative solutions to help your company reach and sustain metrics.


I enjoy working with companies that place value on people and products. I can help your organization create an environment that encourages innovative thinking and creative solutions. My strong organizational and interpersonal skills takes your stretch goals and finds tactical ways to implement a communications strategy.



“Cristy’s willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enables her to contribute thoughtful, well-reasoned approaches to helping others solve difficult problems.”  Jade Jourdan Digital Asset Manager, Edwards Lifesciences



Working hard becomes a habit, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing yourself to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off.    

-Mary Lou Retton



I love staying active and fit. Baseball is my lifeline. I surround myself with positivity -- always aiming for a better tomorrow. 

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